WHERE: 8 Ingraham St, Brooklyn, NY
WHEN: September 9-11, 12-8pm

29Rooms is an immersive, interactive, 3D-funhouse curated by Refinery29. Although it’s already come and gone (sadly), I’m here to give my best review of it. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen me talk about this nonstop and I want to elaborate more on what exactly 29Rooms is. Refinery29, which is a news/media website, rents out a space and divides it into 29 different rooms. Each room is created with a specific purpose or message sponsored by a company or organization and is presented in an art form. This was the second year of 29Rooms and it has already been announced that it will continue next year, making this an annual event.

My experience this year was very different from last year. Last year, it was the first time 29Rooms had ever existed. I traveled two hours from home to get there on opening day and waited 4 and a half hours in line. Everyone had a 29 minute time limit because of the long line and it was a very small space- practically just a hallway of 29 doors. This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to opening night where I got to see the whole exhibition before it opened to the public and my travel time was much shorter this year- only 45 minutes by subway from my dorm. The venue was almost 9x bigger than last year’s and allowed people to stay as long as they wanted because of how large the capacity of the warehouse was. They had tons of fun activities going on while people waited in line- temporary tattoos, an ice cream truck, and puppies! They also had a gift shop this year which allowed visitors to go home with 29Rooms merchandise and other types of gadgets from online shops and artists. Not only did I go to opening night, but I also went the first day it opened with my friend Mia who is in the pictures above. We only waited in line for an hour because we went around a good time but by Sunday the line was closed just 45 minutes after opening because it had already grown to be an 8 hour long line.

The panda ballpit and neon rainbow room were some of my favorites from this year, but the one I like the best was the hanging telephone room (all pictured above). The room had around 500 pink corded telephones hanging from the ceiling and several of them had feminist icons talking about their personal stories for you to listen to by holding the phones up to your ears. Some of the sponsors and partners from this year included Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Ulta, Ford, and Michael Kors.

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