BROOKLYN WAY MURAL: N 8th St & Bedford Ave
134 Allen St
15 Prince St
Corner of Mulberry St & Prince St

Believe it or not, I only scoped out one of these murals. The other three I just happened to run into. Perks of living in NYC, am I right??? I have always loved finding murals and the constant change in them and how they just pop up anywhere at anytime. My favorite of these four is definitely the one I’m standing in front of- I feel as if it describes me in a nutshell! But as said, the change in murals is constant so be sure to check these out before they get painted into something else! The artists of these murals are Boa Mistura (Brooklyn Way Mural), Baron Von Fancy (Don’t Call Me Baby Mural), and Tom Bob (Emoji Mural). I was unfortunately not able to find the artist of the Roses Mural. Also a lil thanks to my friends for being my props ❤

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