WHERE: 188 Allen St, New York, NY
WHEN: M-W 12pm-12am, TH 12pm-1am, FR-SAT 11:30am-3pm, SUN 11:30am-10pm
COST: $$$$

Although the East Village isn’t one of my favorite parts of the city, it still has a ton to offer. I just recently discovered Cheese Grille and have already become a repeat customer. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it offers such a casual atmosphere with its high-top seating and colorful heart-shaped murals. As for the food, it’s a cheese-lovers paradise. The pictures above are from my most recent visit where I got a plain grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup, but that gives no where near the justice this place deserves. With beer, soup, and over ten different types of grilled cheese selections on the menu, this place is definitely a must-visit. But I can’t forget about the sole reason I even went to being with- the fried mac n’ cheese. Served with tomato soup, the friend mac n’ cheese is made in 5 cube-like slabs and it is SO worth it.

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