WHERE: 401 W 25th St, New York, NY
WHEN: 7 Days a Week, 7am-7pm
COST: $$$$

A new cafe just arrived in Chelsea and you’re going to love it. Located on the corner of 25th & 9th, ‘Citizens of Chelsea’ was unexpectedly large compared to most NYC cafes. My friend and I went just four days after the grand opening and each ordered what’s pictured above- the Barbie Bowl. It’s a dragonfruit smoothie topped with bananas, apples, blueberries, and chai seeds. This bowl is priced at $12 which may seem expensive since it’s literally just a smoothie poured into a bowl but as said in previous posts, this is normal pricing for NYC cafes. In my opinion, the only flaw about this bowl was the lack of thickness- it was more of a soup than it was a smoothie. But as said, this was only their fourth day open so I definitely am not holding it against them. Smoothie bowls are not all C.O.C. has to offer though- there’s actually only two smoothie bowls on the menu (if I remember correctly). The rest is an arrangement of things from eggs to toasts with different spreads to pastries and of course- tons of coffee options.

The whole crew of this cafe is Australian-based and the service was spectacular. C.O.C. had such a cozy feel to it and is definitely a place I could spend hours doing homework at. This cafe reminded me of the big cousin of another NYC cafe named “Two Hands” which I visited multiple times last year. If you’re ever in Chelsea I highly encourage you to check it out- not only to support new local businesses but because it is worth the visit!

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