WHERE: 96 Spring St, New York, NY
WHEN: October 20-TBD

Google has popped-up in SoHo in an immersive and interactive way. To advertise its new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, Google has created a darkroom with hanging strings of lights which coordinate with the phones camera to make the pictures turn out better than any other kind of camera would. The pictures above were all taken on my iPhone and if you know me you know that I am an avid Apple product lover, but I can honestly say that the pictures taken in the room with the Pixel phone (not pictured) were better than the ones I had taken on my iPhone. But as said, the room was set up to coordinate with the Pixel phone’s camera. The darkroom is only a portion of what the pop-up has to offer though- Google is also advertising its new Google Home product which is set to release sometime in November. With a setup of two small rooms (a living room and a kitchen), the Google Home product is placed in the rooms and responds to your commands such as changing the light colors in the room, playing trivia with you, and changing the volume of a song playing.

Although it is a “pop-up shop”, there is nothing for sale. This is simply to advertise Google’s new products and have the company interact with its customers. There is a lot more to the pop-up that is not pictured or described so make sure you go in to check it out for yourself! Like any other pop-up, there is a line to get in, but fortunately since there is no predicted end date to this yet the line isn’t too bad; I only waited about 30 minutes.

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