WHERE: 80 Kent St, Brooklyn, NY
WHEN: M-F: 7am-6pm, SAT-SUN: 8am-6pm | BRUNCH: SAT-SUN 9am-4pm
COST: $$$$

I had been wanting to visit this cafe for a while and it definitely met up to my expectations! Interior design is something I enjoy a lot and although I would never be able to do anything with it professionally, it’s always a nice hobby that is pleasing to my eye. That being said, I thought the interior of Maman was incredible. From the white-washed brick walls with blue accents, the beaten up rustic mirrors that have been turned into menus, and the slabs of wood that hang from the ceiling as tables, I can undoubtably say that this was one of the best interiors I’ve ever seen. This place even cared about their cup designs- look at that blue floral! During my visit, I got a chai latte and a tomato and mozzarella sandwich (weird combo, I know). The total cost of my meal was around $13 which is normal pricing for most NYC cafes. My meal was considered a ‘to-go’ meal but I definitely want to visit again for brunch which is located on the second floor of the cafe. As said, Maman met my expectations- not only for the interior and food but I can’t forget to mention all the babies that were there!

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