WHERE: 235 Bowery, New York, NY
WHEN: October 26-January 15
ADMISSION: General $16, Seniors $14, Students $10, Members & Under 18 FREE

Artist Pipilotti Rist has taken over the New Museum with three floors worth of interactive art that has made visitors, like myself, feel like they are in a fantasy world. Titled “Pixel Forest”, this exhibition has thousands of plastic sculptures with lights inside of them hanging from the ceiling that are responsive to the films projected on the screen which visitors can watch by laying on beanbags (top right photo). Visitors can then make their way up to the next floor which offers more projections that are directly on the ceiling instead of on the wall, and can be watched on beds instead of beanbags. Going up one more final floor, Rist presents projections in a different way. There is draping hanging all around the room which picks up the projections (bottom left photo) giving visitors a free-feeling experience. If you’re reading this, you definitely need to go visit it for yourself- my description of this exhibition does not do it nearly the justice it deserves and there is many smaller-scale pieces that I didn’t describe.

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