WHERE: 529 Broome St, New York, NY (1 OF 2 LOCATIONS)
WHEN: SUN-W: 11am-12am, TH-SAT: 11am-1am
COST: $$$$$

Last weekend Black Tap brought back a special milkshake that I had been waiting forever to try- The Cake Shake. Topped with a slice of vanilla cake from Magnolia Bakery, this vanilla shake was covered in icing and rainbow sprinkles and was definitely worth the extra $4 compared to the regular $15 pricing of their other crazy shakes. This milkshake used to be an original on the menu but sadly was removed last year which I’m assuming was due to the difficulty of making it. Although this milkshake was a weekend special and is no longer available there is still so many other crazy shakes to try that are chocolate-covered and sour-powered. But, there is always a chance that they’ll bring the Cake Shake back again- Black Tap is constantly having weekend specials of different types of milkshakes with collaborations from local bakeries and restaurants.

This was my third time at Black Tap and my second time at this location. The first time I visited I got the Cookie Shake and was the only one in the restaurant; I went last December before it blew up on the internet. I tried going again a month later and was told that the wait to get in was THREE HOURS. After not going for 8 months due to the constantly growing hype, I went again for the second time last month and didn’t have to wait at all but this was only because I went on a Wednesday night when it wasn’t crowded. My wait time for the Cake Shake was only about an hour which I didn’t think was bad at all considering it was a weekend special. Besides the milkshakes, the burgers are SO good and the food does not get as much credit as it deserves because everyone thinks that Black Tap is just a milkshake joint. If you’re going to go, I suggest getting a burger and then sharing a milkshake with a friend!

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