WHERE: 74 E 7th St, New York, NY
WHEN: M-W: 10am-9pm, TH: 6pm-10:30pm, F-SAT: 10am-10:30pm, SUN: 10am-9pm
COST: $$$$

Although the rating of this bakery is only one dollar sign, that definitely doesn’t apply to the cost of this cookie. (Also, just an FYI- the cost ratings I do on my food posts are never my own personal ratings. I always look up prices given by online food websites and use the average price rating I see because I want it to be as accurate as possible and not just based on my opinion.) The one dollar star rating applies to most other things that Cupcake Market sells, but this cookie was a whopping $15. Yes, my bank account definitely wanted to punch me after this one but hey- it looked good for my stomach and even better for my Instagram! Besides Kim K, Cupcake Market sells other cookie faces such as Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Drake, and others that all occasionally swap in and out based on current events. This was the only thing I got during my visit but I will be sure to stop back again. Cookie faces are not all Cupcake Market sells- they sell most baked goods that you would find in any other bakery.

I understand the beginning of this post may have sounded negative by me going right into talking about how this cookie costs $15 but that is not the tone I want to give off. As said, the cost of the cookie does not reflect the cost rating that is displayed and I wanted to talk about that first so no one reading this got caught off guard. I myself was very startled when paying for this cookie because I was unaware of the price and want people who visit Cupcake Market via this blogpost to be educated about the price.

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