WHERE: 119 Baxter St, New York, NY
WHEN: M-F: 12pm-10pm, SAT-SUN: 11am-10am
COST: $$$$

This new fish in town ain’t gonna be so new anymore with how many more times I’ll be visiting! I originally visited Taiyaki strictly for the fact that their ice cream was in fish-shaped cones, but little did I know that the cones had vanilla pudding in the bottom of them *heart eyes emoji*. On top of the pudding is the custard and toppings which you can customize yourself or choose one of the pre-made menu combinations. Their specialty custard flavor is matcha which they have year-round but now through the end of the month (I believe) you can get it covered in crushed candy cane bits and topped with a star, resembling a Christmas tree. The cones pictured above were $7 each which I personally don’t think is bad pricing compared to other NYC ice cream shops. I would definitely check this gem of a place out soon before the line gets crazy!

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