Ready to wait in line? Yayoi Kusama has done it again with her exhibition ‘Festival of Life’ which arrived at David Zwirner Gallery just over two weeks ago. The exhibit consists of two infinity rooms, a polka-dot room, and various paintings by Kusama (not pictured). Due to long lines, you’re only given one minute inside each infinity room. Luckily, I was able to make it to the gallery on the first day it was open to the public and only waited an hour and a half to get inside; From what I’ve heard, the average wait time now is around four hours long. This exhibit is only in NYC until December 16th and you’re gonna wanna miss it, good luck getting inside!

In case the lines for ‘Festival of Life’ are too long for you, right around the corner is Rita McBride’s ‘Particulates’ at Dia:Chelsea. This installation is basically just a big, humid, warehouse-looking room that plays with light and space through green lasers. It makes for great silhouettes and dramatic photos! This installation is running all the way until June 2nd.

Over at Google in the Flatiron District is multiple interactive experiences, all advertising Google’s newest products. In their Pixel room, which advertises the Google Pixel phone, you’re able to pick 1 of 5 wallpapers to take photos in front of. There is other parts of this pop-up but I went specifically for this room and didn’t experience any other parts. This is open until the end of December!

For 5 days only, Hallmark hosted a pop-up Christmas museum in Chelsea. It consisted of a snowball ball-pit, candy cane swings, and an infinity room of Christmas lights. Due to lines, the only thing I was able to experience was the infinity room (which is the only thing I was really interested in). We were only given 45 seconds in this room! Unfortunately, this pop-up is already gone but I still wanted to share photos from it.

All exhibits listed are FREE! Hovering over the images above will tell you their location.

  • Dia:Chelsea- 541 West 22nd Street | Tuesday-Saturday, 11AM-6PM
  • David Zwirner Gallery- 525 West 19th Street | Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM
  • Google Flatiron- 110 5th Ave | Daily, 10AM-8PM

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