IMG_61171. @iamgalla

I figured I’d start out with my all time favorite- Adam Gallagher! His aesthetic is unreal, tying together travel, lifestyle, and menswear. I’ve been following him forever and was actually lucky enough to meet him last year. He’s one of my biggest inspirations and I always make sure to never miss a post. His feed has always been goals!


2. @space.ram

Ramzy’s feed speaks for itself and is a must-follow. Through color and graphic design, Ramzy edits his own photos as well as others. He’s actually edited one of my photos from my Disney trip this past Summer! It’s funny because we met 2 years ago without knowing it if that makes sense- we were both at a gallery in NYC at the same time and didn’t realize until after we had seen each other’s pictures from the gallery on Instagram that we were both following each other!


3. @pieraluisa

Refinery29’s executive creative director and co-founder Piera Gelardi always has an on-point feed! She ties together social activism, art, and colorful selfies through her own photos as well as others in such an aesthetically pleasing way. Piera is also a co-founder of 29Rooms!


4. @signepierce

Signe Pierce is a neon queen. I first discovered her work last year when she had a pop-up gallery in the basement of the Adidas store in SoHo and ever since I’ve been obsessed with all of her work. If you know my love for neon, it’s a given as to why I love her feed so much!


5. @cholpak

Although I’m not the biggest fan of filters, Nicholas Pakradooni nails it. He turns the most simple photos into something so interesting through his filter choice and overall execution style. For example, look at the center photo on the grid of his feed above- it’s such a simple photo yet is one of my favorite on his whole feed. I love his California vibe and the way he ties all of his warm tones together.


6. @taramilktea

One of my favorite staple bloggers is Tara Milk Tea. She’s Sydney-based and her posts make me want to go there so so bad! Her photo editing is amazing and I love her art and travel aesthetic. Her photos never disappoint!


7. @jpegjane

I actually just discovered this account not too long ago! I feel as if out of every account I’ve picked, this one definitely resembles mine the most. I’m in love with the art focus, the colors, and the summer vibe!


8. @viktoria.dahlberg

Last but not least, the queen of Williamsburg- Viktoria Dahlberg. Not only did I have to choose her as one of my favorites because we live in the same town, but her apartment is fricking goals! Viktoria has such an Urban Outfitters vibe and I’m in love with the way she edits her photos as well as her interior design skills.


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