Welcome to my bedroom! For those of you who don’t know, my best friend, Mia, and I moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn this past August. Our apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a combined kitchen/living space. Although we wish our living space was a little bigger, our apartment is seriously perfect and has everything we were looking for! The pictures below are of my room only; If you guys are interested in seeing a full apartment tour I’d love to share, just send me a message in the contact section of my blog or on Instagram!

1512174528464           1512174644497

I’m so so glad my bedroom has room for not only a full size bed, but also a desk. This is actually the desk that used to be in my bedroom at my house in South Jersey! A lot of the decor is also from my bedroom from home as well but there’s just as much that I got after moving in. My mirror is one of my favorite pieces in my room- it’s 6 feet tall!

1512171541704This fake palm is actually from our living room but we had to move it into my room for the time being to make room for our Christmas tree- I love the color it adds to my monochromatic room!

1512172531986    1512171501166

I had a huge photowall in my bedroom back at home and I knew I wanted one here as well. It took me forever to hang all of these up but I love how it turned out and I continue to add photos to it as I take them. The photo mobile on the right hangs above my desk in the corner of my room. For now, I have photos hanging on it which is what it’s initial use is but I’m really trying to think of something else I can hang on it- any suggestions?


Luckily, this white wardrobe piece was actually left in my room when I moved in so I kept it! It has just enough shelving space and next to it is a clothing/shoe rack which I keep all my jackets on.

1512172622599  1512173425579

It’s crazy how perfectly my night stand fits in between my bed and wardrobe, there’s literally an inch of space left in between them! The photo on the right is the decor on the top shelf of my desk; The art on the wall is by artist Erik Jones and he actually gave it to me when I was at his studio in Bushwick!

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  1. […] This past August, my best friend Mia and I moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn! We came up to NYC in July to look at apartments for 2 days and after looking at 14 different apartment, we picked one in Willimasburg- it was actually the last apartment we looked at! I really love living in Brooklyn; Since I work and go to school in Manhattan, I like feeling as if I’m going home everyday out of Manhattan. You can check out my room tour here! […]


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