When I first heard about the Museum of Ice Cream I knew it was going to be a hit. MOIC’s first location in New York City opened in July 2016 and I believe was open for just under a month until the end of August. My friends and I had all planned on going together but tickets sold out so fast and it didn’t happen. I then signed up for ticket email updates and still was not able to get tickets when more were released because of how high demand was. I emailed MOIC asking if there was anything I could do and at this point I was willing to go alone because of how badly I wanted to experience it. Luckily, they let me buy a ticket! I wasn’t living in New York City at the time, but I was going to be in the city for my college orientation the same time the museum was open so it actually worked out perfectly. The experience was so surreal; When I first walked in I was greeted with an ice cream of my choice (Choco Taco, of course!). The different rooms and installations in the museum varied from a chocolate cave, which smelled like chocolate and had Dove chocolates everywhere, to a wall of hanging waffle cone light sculptures, which was actually my favorite part of the whole museum, to the signature sprinkle pool. The last part of the museum was so interesting; I was given a tablet that dissolved on my tongue and changed my  taste buds. They then gave me another ice cream cone which had a lemon on it and after the tablet dissolved it made the lemon taste sweet instead of sour- it was fricking insane! The very last thing MOIC had to offer was a playground-esque room with an ice cream sandwich swing and an ice cream scooper seesaw which was a collaboration with Tinder.




Museum of Ice Cream’s Los Angeles location exceeded all of my expectations. My best friend and I went to LA for a week this past Spring and it’s funny because I actually wasn’t planning on going to MOIC because I thought it was going to be the same exact thing as the NYC location. When I found out everything was completely different, I looked into getting tickets immediately and luckily there was one (yes, literally one) time slot of tickets left for when we were going to be there! There were so many differences in this museum compared to the NYC location and the LA museum was so much bigger. There was free ice cream again, of course, and the sprinkle pool was also here to stay as well but with a lot more pink! The museum included designs and installations from multiple artists, one being Ramzy Masri (designer of the pink and yellow palm print) who I actually just wrote about being one of my favorite Instagrammers which you can read about here. Some of my favorite major differences was the banana room, which I unfortunately didn’t get any good pictures of because the room was lit by natural light and we went to the museum at night, the mint room, where we got to try samples of mint chocolate chip mochi, and the huge melted popsicle sculptures. The LA location was not a pop-up like the NYC location, but is not currently permanent; The museum continues to add monthly extentions.

Maryellis Bunn, the founder of MOIC, is an absolute genuis. She also has locations in San Francisco, which I’m visiting this upcoming March and I’m praying the museum stays open until then (it’s currently only open until February I believe), and Miami which opens this week! All of her locations have completely different experiences and I recently read an article saying she hopes to open a permanent NYC location and a museum in the bottom of a Las Vegas hotel.

2 thoughts on “MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM: NYC VS. LA

  1. THIS IS AWESOME! Do you know where the next one is? Freaking love ice cream, this is a museum I could really get on board with 😂 were prices reasonable? 🍦


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