1. @steeleism

Olivia Steele is a light artist who showcases her vision through neon pieces and traffic signs. I’m in love with her messages, coloring, and phrasing she uses for her work; I can’t wait to see it IRL one day!

2. @grace.duong

Grace Duong is a designer and the creator of Mystic Mondays- an app and tarot card collection. I’m in love with her colors and designs and I was actually lucky enough to be sent a card out of the tarot deck by Grace herself before the whole deck was released. I need to get my hands on the whole collection!

3. @seanaugustinemarch

Sean March creates magic through his crystalline sculptures. I first discovered him last Winter when he had a chandelier-like sculpture in the window of Bloomingdale’s for the holiday season. I could stare at his work alllll day!

4. @alexameadeart

Alexa Meade is a painter who camouflages her subjects into the backgrounds of her set using props such as glasses and jackets that are painted exactly like the background. In some of her work, she uses people themselves as her subjects and camouflages them the same way she does with the rest of her props- by painting them. I was able to experience Meade’s work at this year’s 29Rooms!

5. @nobeltruong

Nobel Truong is known for their acrylic pieces. They make tables, shelving, and mugs, but their most popular pieces are their cactus sculptures which is what originally caught my eye.

6. @phillipksmith3

Phillip K Smith III creates sculptures using light, shadows, and the environment. I first discovered his work by seeing the picture of the house above on Instagram. I’m in love with how unique his work is and the futuristic feeling of it.

7. @tishkbarzanji

I just recently discovered Tishk Barzanji and I’m in awe by his work. I love how all of his designs tell their own story and have so much going on; It’s like an eye puzzle!

8. @geronimo

Jihan Zencirli is the mastermind behind all of this balloon craziness and creator of Geronimo Balloons. Zencirli uses 100% biodegradable balloons and infests public landmarks, buildings, and just about anything with these colorful, widespread pieces. I’ve seen her work once IRL in NYC!

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