Happy 2018! Although it’s only the fifth day of the new year, I can already say that this year is going pretty great. I figured I’d kick off the year with a post about some of my current favorite products as well as some of the stuff I got for Christmas. Enjoy!



Although I’m not much of a reader, these are two books that have definitely been good investments. Both of these books are by author and artist, Adam J. Kurtz, who you may know on Instagram as @adamjk. ‘Things Are What You Make of Them’ is a really easy read and is a guide to life for creatives or anyone really. It’s full of advice and is something that can be read over and over again. Adam’s ‘Unsolicited Advice 2018’ actually just came in the mail for me today and I’m so excited to use it. As much of a planner-person as I am, this is actually the first physical planner I’ve ever had so I’m excited to see how I’ll use it. Both of these books are extremely affordable and I highly recommend getting them!



When Apple first released their Airpods, I thought they were completely stupid, looked so weird, and were just another capitalistic product. After they became more common for people to have and I got used to seeing people wearing them, I didn’t think they looked that abnormal anymore and I thought about how they would benefit me if I invested in them. I got a pair of my own this past Christmas, and I can say that I’m so glad I did. I feel as if they’re a lot easier to use and travel with- you have no cord attached to you at all times which gets rid of the possibility of your headphones ever getting caught on something and ripping out of your ears and you also don’t have to worry about dropping your phone and having your earphones rip out that way as well. People may view it as a hassle that this is now something else you have to charge, but the battery life on the case you can store your Airpods in is really long-lasting- I’ve only had to charge the case twice since getting them 2 weeks ago.



Of all my current favorites listed on this post, this is definitely my favorite of them all. I’m a big consumer of Fujifilm products and when I saw they released a digital instant camera I knew I had to have it. This camera is unlike any other camera they’ve previously released- it has a screen which allows you to not only see more clearly what you’re taking a picture of, but it allows you to either delete the photo before printing if you don’t like it or store it for a later time when you want to print it. On top of this, the camera also has 10 different filters you can put on your photos before printing and you can even change the brightness and contrast of your photos.



If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen me post a picture almost exactly like this. This map is from an online company called Mapiful and I’m in love with their aesthetic and all the different customizable options they offer. My best friend, Mia, and I originally got a landscape-sized map of Los Angeles for our living room and I hung it in this exact spot in my bedroom just to see how it would look; I loved it so much that I knew I wanted one for my bedroom. I got this map as a Christmas gift and asked for Malibu not only because I love the song but in remembrance of my visit there this past Summer.



Although I’ve had this letter board since this past Summer, it’s always a favorite of mine. It’s a statement piece in my bedroom and I love constantly changing the phrase on it. It’s great for gathering with friends whenever I decide to move it to the living room as a cute prop and it comes with toooonnnns of letters so you’ll def never run out no matter what you wanna write!



I just got this bag as a Christmas gift from my friend, Rohini, and It describes me so much (hehe)! I keep all of my pictures in it and I’m so glad I finally have my own Pamela Barsky bag- I would always pass the booth that sells them in the Chelsea Market but never invested in one!

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