This past week, my roommate, Mia, and I went to Paris! This was my first time in Paris and I loved it so much but it oddly didn’t feel like an unfamiliar place to me; A couple of years ago I went to Italy and it reminded me a lot of Florence so that’s probably why. Although 3.5 days seems like a short amount of time to fly 7 hours for, the whole reason I was able to even go was because Mia’s dad was there for business so we were staying with him. We left for Paris on Monday night and arrived Tuesday morning and then I left Friday night and Mia stayed with her parents until Sunday morning. Because we did a lot of researching and planning, 3.5 days allowed us to still do everything we were interested in doing and seeing! We saw all of the key tourist spots like The Lourve, Palace of Versailles, and the Arc De Triomphe, we ate some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had, and of course went to some of the coolest spots for pics we found via Instagram.


As soon as we arrived on Tuesday we headed straight to the Palace of Versailles! We literally went right from the airport with our luggage since we had a tour at 1PM and landed at 11AM. The palace was insane and I fell in love with all of its gold accents, especially the front gate! After our tour we headed to our hotel to rest and freshen up before dinner.


Our 2nd day in Paris was filled with vegan food and Instagrammable spots! After breakfast, we went to a street called Rue de Monttessuy for pics (pictured above, left) and then headed over to the Eiffel Tower for a closer view. We then headed over to a town in Paris called Pigalle and I fell in love with it. We went to a basketball court (pictured below) for pictures and then had delicious vegan wings at a place called Jah Jah which were made of cauliflower.

After all of this, we went to a department store called Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche before we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. This department store was insane, look at the escalator (pictured below)! We spent about an hour there scheming and smelling tons of expensive candles. For dinner we went to a vegan burger place called Hank Burger and the burgers were unreal and tasted better than most burgers I’ve ever had.


Before we started our 3rd day I made Mia take pics of me in front of our hotel room window (pictured above). We headed over to the Arc De Triomphe where we climbed tooooons of stairs to get to the top for a view of the whole city (pictured below, top). It was so cool to see down every street and see how much the city really looks like a big circle. After climbing back down, we went to another department store called Galeries Lafayette (pictured below, bottom). It was huge and so breathtaking with a color-changing glass ceiling.

At night, we headed back to Pigalle (pictured below, right) for some drinks at a secret bar called No Entry. It was in the bottom of the restaurant we originally planned on going to, but the restaurant was full and they redirected us to the bar which was even cooler. Pigalle was probably my favorite town we visited in all of Paris for it’s neon and hip, young vibe. For dinner, we had vegan pizza at Hank Pizza and then went to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle (pictured below, left)!


On my last day, we went to The Lourve. It was so cool to see such famous art pieces in real life (Mona Lisa, Statue of Venus). We had a really good tour guide and spent about 2.5 hours at the museum. After we left, we got vegan hot dogs before I headed back to the airport. Au revoir!

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