Hey guys! I just started my Spring semester this past week and it made me realize that I’ve never really talked about my current or previous experiences with school on the blog. This post is going to be more personal and less visual, so if you came to see photos, sorry!

Contrary to popular belief, I’m still in my first year at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Because all of my friends started there as freshmen, I spent so much time lurking around FIT’s campus my freshman year that I still find myself explaining to people that I wasn’t a student there last year. For those who don’t know, I spent my first year of college at the New York Institute of Technology which is about 40 more blocks uptown from FIT. It’s actually funny because NYIT was the only school I applied to when applying to colleges and I was so set on the fact that it was the college for me. I never really looked into FIT because I was worried that it was going to be too fashion-based and not focused enough on what I want to do, which is social media marketing.

When I was a student at NYIT I was living on 122nd St which was 61 blocks uptown from where the NYIT campus actually was. Surprisingly, this was the housing that was provided by NYIT which at the time was a hassle, but now I realize how much it’s helped me get used to commuting to school now that I live in Brooklyn. I didn’t know anyone going to NYIT so I had a roommate that was randomly given to me and it ended up not being the best experience. *Disclaimer: I’m only talking about my previous roommate(s) with no hesitation because after moving out we unfollowed each other on everything :)* The way roommates got paired up at NYIT was by comparison of a survey every student had to fill out which was all about cleanliness. Although the first roommate I had (I ended up getting a different roommate the second semester) was hygienically clean, he was a mess when it came to organization. Sometimes I would come back into the dorm with his dirty clothes literally in the middle of the floor. I don’t want to go too much in depth, but this basically made me think that he lied on his survey, considering I later learned that he was a compulsive liar. This also made my living situation unenjoyable- it might sound dramatic, but there were days when I dreaded going back to my room and just simply didn’t want to be in the living environment I was in due to my roommate, and it really sucked that I felt that way about the place where I started and finished all my days.

Going to school at NYIT as an advertising and marketing student, from my personal experience, was not a challenge. *Another disclaimer: This post is not in any way to talk bad about NYIT, but I want to be as honest as I can about my experience and the way I felt towards it.* I realized within the first month of going there that I really wasn’t getting a lot of homework, which at the time was nice because I was working a part-time job and working as a social media intern, but when I stepped back and looked at the situation I was in, I asked myself: Why am I paying all of this money when school has become something that isn’t my #1 priority? My friends who went to FIT, who were also studying the same major as me, would tell me how much they were learning and the things they were doing and it wasn’t comparing to what I was learning. I tried getting more involved with school by becoming a member of the marketing board but I still just wasn’t feeling it. I started thinking about transferring schools, even possibly to FIDM in California, but I would always suppress the idea because it seemed like such a confusing process and if I was getting an easy education that was going to get me my degree, why not take the easy way out?

It was about the end of last January when I decided I definitely wanted to transfer to FIT. I was nervous to tell my parents because I didn’t want them to think I didn’t know what I was doing and that they would just tell me to come home. After bringing the idea up to them and hearing their feedback, I applied to FIT immediately since I was already past the deadline for Fall 2017 applications and about a month later I found out that I got in!

Rewinding a little bit back to my roommate situation, my roommate ending up moving out and transferring schools after the first semester of school was over. I was really excited because I was told that there was a possibility that I wasn’t going to get another roommate and was going to have my own room, but that ended up not being the case. My second roommate was an international student who was studying abroad at the time. I tried becoming more social with my second roommate than I was with my first, but this was impossible due to the fact that he didn’t speak English. After a week of living with him, I realized that he was the exact opposite of my first roommate and was not hygienically clean at all. He also never, through the whole 4 month semester, got adjusted to the time schedule that NYC is on and would wake me up at 4 in the morning from screaming at whatever video game he was playing. This made going back to my dorm even more unenjoyable than it had been the first semester.

Once the school year finally ended and Summer finished, I finally started my education at FIT! I transferred with my same major, advertising and marketing, but because FIT is really picky with what credits they accept from other schools, not all of my credits transferred. So, when people ask me what year of school I’m in i just tell them I’m a transfer student because I still don’t exactly know where I stand graduation-wise.

Luckily, my transition to FIT wasn’t difficult at all. Because I already knew so many people who went there, I never had trouble with meeting new people or finding out where certain classrooms were. Now being in my second semester at FIT, I can definitely say that transferring was the right decision. Not only is FIT a lot more affordable and is in a more ideal location of the city, but I really feel like I’m getting the education that I’m paying for. I also won’t have to deal with anymore bad roommates now that I’ve moved into my own apartment with my best friend, Mia, who also goes to FIT. My commute to school is only 25 minutes, which is the same amount of time my commute to NYIT was from my dorm.

So yah. That’s where I’m currently at in my life as a student! As I said, I’m studying advertising and marketing hoping to get a job in the social media field. I only go to school 3 days a week right now because I’m also working full-time, but I’m hoping to get another internship this Summer to focus more on my future career.

Thanks for reading! – Sal 🙂

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