Hey guys! I get lots of questions about how I edit my photos and what apps I use so I figured it’d be easiest to answer all of this in a blogpost! All of my photo editing has been self-taught and is time-consuming but I truly love to edit photos whether they end up on my Instagram feed or not. I’d really love to take a class on Photoshop in the near future, but for now my cheap iPhone apps will have to do!

FOR PLANNING OUT YOUR FEED: If you care about how your feed looks, I highly recommend planning it out in advance. Two apps I use for feed planning are VSCO and Planoly. Unfortunately, if you don’t already own VSCO or if you have the updated version, this app isn’t going to help you plan out your feed. I have the reallllllllyyyyy old version of VSCO, like I’ve had to of had this app for over a year now without updating it because the version I have still looks like an Instagram layout grid. So, if your VSCO still looks like this, then you’re in luck! But if not, I have another option- Planoly. Planoly syncs your Instagram account to the app and then allows you to add as many photos as you want and you can even drag them around the grid to see which layout looks best without actually posting them. This app is really good for when you have multiple photos to post but are unsure of what order to post them in (that’s what I use it for). I also believe Planoly provides scheduled posting which allows you to add a photo to the app and then schedule a time for the app to automatically post to your Instagram feed. I’m sure there are tons of other apps that can help you plan out your feed but these are the only two that I currently use.

FOR EDITING YOUR PHOTOS: If you couldn’t already tell, I’m not much of a filter person. I feel as if all of my photos look better with adjustments and enhancements rather than a filter; If I ever post a photo with a filter it will most likely be in black and white. The first place I go to for editing my photos is Instagram. Although that might seem really generic, a lot of the editing I do on my photos is simply just adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., and all of that can easily be done through the Instagram app. A feature Instagram offers that I like to use, especially on greenery, that a lot of people are unaware of is called ‘Lux’. When editing your photo on Instagram, there’s a little sun icon at the top of the screen which a lot of people think is there for no reason but click it and see what happens! If my photo needs more than just simple Instagram adjustments done to it, then I head to an app called PicsArt. PicsArt is really handy for when only certain parts of your photo needs editing. The app allows you to basically draw on what parts of your photo need editing and will adjust just those certain areas with whatever adjustments you choose. I also always use this app when I need to make certain things in my photos whiter, which I’ll show in an example below. The last photo editing app I use is called Retouch which works amazing as an object removal tool. I’ve only had this app for about a month and I’m really pleased with it, but I really only use it for strictly removing objects from my photos. Keep scrolling to see examples of before and after photos using these apps!


For starters, this was a really simple photo to edit. All editing was done in the Instagram app with adjustments on things such as brightness, saturation, and contrast!

This photo was also a bit of a simpler edit since it’s such a simple photo. I started off using Instagram adjustments on the yellow part of this photo and then I headed over to PicsArt to edit the white bricking. A tip that might sound crazy but actually works insanely well is using a ‘teeth-whitener’ effect to make certain parts of your photos whiter. PicsArt offers this feature and I really love it. I also remember when I edited this photo that I thought the bricking looked a little too warm so I adjusted the temperature of the photo by bringing it down a notch.

Jumping right into it, this was an intense edit. I first tried editing this photo on Instagram but realized that way too much work needed to be done so I went right to PicsArt. I had to edit the sky, carousel, and Eiffel Tower all in different ways which is why I love PicsArt so much but it was really time-consuming.

This was my first photo I edited and posted using Retouch. As you can see, I removed the ugly telephone wiring above the building and did all of my enhancing on PicsArt since the street light and building had to be edited separately.

This was another simpler edit. Basically all I did was turn the brightness all the way up and added a good amount of contrast using Instagram and then I headed into PicsArt to edit the ground cement coloring.

Another photo using Retouch! I was so happy with how well Retouch was able to remove the boy in the background of this photo. Although I wasn’t able to remove the other people, I was shocked at how the app was able to remove the boy and have the ombré wall still blend in perfectly.

I feel as if at this point you get the memo. Below are some more fun edits I did with no explanation, but if you need any pointers or have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks for reading 🙂

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